Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What i've been up to...

I finally finished lining my black purse.  Once I switched to my old machine it went really fast although I didn't  take out the mistakes made on my newer machine... to many tears & cries of frustration went into those.  Here is the main pocket and I added an extra pocket that has come in pretty handy.

extra pocket lined with different fabric.

sorry about the halo around the book
 this is a sweater that I knit last year, using the book shown, for my husband.  They always seem to have the AC on at Melaleuca & he needed something really thick and warm so I bought some brown Bernat Softee Chunky yarn & knit up this baby in a few days with my wrist braces on (carpel tunnel is a pain...lol). I had to frog it a few times and I was constantly having him try it on but it was worth it for a sweater that fit him properly and kept him warm.  This is actually my first knit sweater ever... where I checked gauge & fitting.

Here is part of Allison's (Alice's) Halloween costume this year.  We found the dragon outfit at D.I. for $3.00 and I purchased the purple and black fabric at Walmart from the scraps bin so they were $3.00 together & the boa is from Dollar Tree ($1.00).  total costume= $7.00 + 6% sales tax.  She was running around like crazy so I couldn't get a better picture with the whole costume.

Better view of the hat strait on
My oldest seemed a little left out since I was sewing for her sister & for myself, & knitting socks for her daddy so I let her choose out a cute print and some lace that she liked (Under $10 total) and sewed her a cute little dress.  She was so excited when she saw how much I'd gotten done in one day she exclaimed, "I have clothes again!" LOL; I swear we don't let her run around naked!  I still need to finish the arm holes (they're raw edges right now) and add some buttons (I didn't want to use a zipper).  And I wanted to add some black lace to the bottom as well as some ribbon ties to the waist but I just had to share what i'd done so far! :D I forgot how much fun I have sewing & knitting.  Although I think I'll have to make better use of my time cause the resulting apple sauce on my walls yesterday (from hiding in my crafting room) wasn't worth it.

Anyway, I'll try to post more projects as I finish them up.  Happy Crafting everyone!