Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Quickie... um?!

So I have a ton more projects to share and not a lot of time today so i'm going to try to make this quick... hence the title.  So for my last post I realized as I was going to link up the DCWV projects that I didn't follow all the rules for the challenge so I re-did them both. :) believe me it wasn't a problem since I love to have the pages ready for my scrapbook & I need more birthday cards.  So I bought a scrapbook from Walmart for $5.00 and I really like the color and embossing on the cover:

I put all the 12x12 layouts I've made since August in here (so all the ones I've made for the past year).  I usually only have online "photo albums" cause printing pictures seems like a lot on a student budget.  But I've been getting 100 free photos from shutterfly every once in a while and shipping and handling is a lot less then actually buying all those pictures.  Also, I know what they'll look like before I get them etc.  Anyway...

Here is a quick photo tutorial for pumpkin decorations I make every year.

  1. Get a new roll of toilet paper
  2. wrap it in a square of fabric.  This will be your pumpkin so choose a color you like.
  3. Using 4 strips of contrasting fabrics stuff the middles into the top of the pumpkin.
  4. Then push in a cinnamon stick and add some cute raffia to make the stem and vines.  
Hope that makes sense to someone out there... & sorry for the horrible lighting in these pictures... I was in a hurry and in a small area with one small window.

4 strips of contrasting fabric.

fold in half and push into pumpkin


Come vote for me... or whomever you like :D

Yeay! I've been nominated for the first Red Carpet Studio award show!  Starting this Sunday (October 7th) bloggers can vote for which projects they like best for each category. Here is a list of the categories and the nominees:

"Silent" Layout Category
Sandra ~me!

Pun Cards Category

"Seeing Stars" Layout Sketch

Sci-Fi Cards

"The project with the most votes in each category will receive a customized trophy badge for their blogs, along with their project photo permanently displayed in our display case! This will be a new addition to the award show page after our first show has ended. Winners will be announced on Sunday October 14th, along with the start of a new card challenge. Award shows run the first FULL week of every month, and feature all the winners of the previous month's challenges, both the randomly chosen winner and also the spotlight submissions.

Voting ends on Saturday October 13th, and the number of times you can vote is unlimited. Please make sure to let your crafty friends and bloggers stop by Red Carpet Studio to vote for your project! The project photos will be displayed on the Award Show page and the polls will be on the sidebar of the blog."

arg so sometimes my phone deletes photos... and It deleted all my project photos so I'll do this again tomorrow... with projects to show you all.  in the mean time make a few pumpkins and let me know if you did cause I'd love to check them out. :)

Happy Crafting everyone!

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