Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shedding the lbs. p2

So this might not count toward my diet and exercise plan but I did loose weight. I've been sick the past couple days and after weighing myself today I found that istead of 147 lbs (like the last couple of weeks) I'm at 144 lbs.

I plan on loosing at least 2 lbs this next week. I know that that sounds like a little much but if it's water weight I can do it in half that time. if it's fat weight then it may take me longer but I might as well aim high.

I would have added a picture of myself today (cause i have noticed a slight difference... especially in the fit of my shirts etc.) but I have tendonitis really bad in my shoulders and it's flaired up today for some reason. Time to increase my Replenex intake.

When I get someone to help me i'll take a picture but as of now i can't move my arm like that.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Shedding the lbs.

So after Gwenna was born (September 2008) I had a hard time shedding those extra lbs. I thought I was so heavy (keep in mind that i'm only 5'3"... so a healthy weight for me would be between 110 -130) at 145 lbs. Well needless to say I was a little down about my weight and especially how I looked but not enough to do anything about it. Well recently (June 2009) I was weighing in at 160 + lbs. and that's on my bathroom scale so you know I would've weighed in higher at the Dr.'s office! I decided to do something about this. I logged onto and found a calorie intake that would help me loose weight and then did a little research and found some exercise programs that I definetly could do. I recieved wii active for my birthday and used it all the time. But my stomach still had that ugly after baby pouch! So I started in on the Denise Austin after baby work out on her Fit and Firm Pregnancy DVD and even though it was very mild I saw results almost instantly. Especially after I reeducated my abs.

Well, I've kept a graph on my wall and every week or so I weigh myself and see the damage. I now weigh 147 lbs. and it's been 2 months! And as long as I remember to practice my ab workouts I have a flat tummy without any special solutions etc.

As I loose weight I'll be adding to my blog. I'll put in the exercises I did (as long as they aren't copyrighted), things I ate, things I avoided, and what my next goal is.

june 2009->

My next goal is to reach 145 lbs. by the end of the month. I'm going to use the wii active 3x a week and use access bars (which help burn more fat than nothing); also, I'll continue to eat special K products and of course drink 8oz. water a day.