Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shedding the lbs. p2

So this might not count toward my diet and exercise plan but I did loose weight. I've been sick the past couple days and after weighing myself today I found that istead of 147 lbs (like the last couple of weeks) I'm at 144 lbs.

I plan on loosing at least 2 lbs this next week. I know that that sounds like a little much but if it's water weight I can do it in half that time. if it's fat weight then it may take me longer but I might as well aim high.

I would have added a picture of myself today (cause i have noticed a slight difference... especially in the fit of my shirts etc.) but I have tendonitis really bad in my shoulders and it's flaired up today for some reason. Time to increase my Replenex intake.

When I get someone to help me i'll take a picture but as of now i can't move my arm like that.


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