Thursday, October 25, 2012

Altered Journal Blog Hop!!

Welcome to our  Altered Journal Blog Hop! If you came here from Lucy then you are on the right track! If you happen to stumble upon this hop you can begin hopping with our host Melissa!

Zannie Berry is giving away 2 Cuttlebug folders!

Here is what I started with... A composition notebook from dollar tree, a spiral notebook from Walmart $0.25 & a mini spiral notebook from a 3 pack at Walmart (3 pack was $2.00). Honestly I like the look of the mini with the green and pink dots however I want to bling it up a bit! I really wanted to alter these other two completely because they're a little bit blah!  

I also wanted to do 3 different types of journals simply because the spirals add a bit of challenge and I prefer those types of journals anyway. But if you prefer composition books as your journals then I wanted to add one of those in as well.

I was so excited to be a part of this blog hop! this is actually my first one. So I could use a little love. I really hope you all like my projects!

 Here is the notebook that started out with cars on the front.  I used teal & pink card stock from the DCWV The Gilded Orchard card stock stack, chip board accents from Blue Hill chip board, washi tape from downtown tape, the craft's meow stamps in Lovely Oval & Good Times, Studio G stamps, Recolections foam adhesive mini circles, Basics by Kaisercraft rhinestones, Martha Stewart craft glue, Crayola colored pencils, Classic Stampin' pad by Stampin' Up! in pink passion & basic black, Marvy Matchables ink pad in blue, & paper ribbon from  I also have a video of how I made these in detail if you're interested.  It is rather long and unorganized as it was my first video so if you're interested in seeing it let me know in a comment & i'll post it... otherwise I think i'll keep the embarrassment to myself.

I keep a mini in my purse always so that when an idea strikes such as... "Holy Crap! I forgot to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer 2 days ago!" I have a place where I can write it down and remember.  or if I see something inspiring I've got a sketch pad in there also.

I left some room to keep it all clean & simple as well as having space to add to it as I find pictures etc. of things I really like!  

I really want to share some journal entries I just ran across from a couple of years ago.  enjoy...

"May 9, 2010 (mother's day)
Last mother's day Gwenna's gift to me was learning to crawl.  This mother's day she said, 'Oh CRAP!' at the top of her lungs when the sacrament was being passed in church... over & over again.  it made me laugh but was also a tad embarrassing... good thing we don't swear."

"July 5, 2010 
We found out today that our friend Isaiah, who was Jared's age, passed away.  Here is what happened.  He was praying to know what to do for the day & really felt that instead of going to his classes he really needed to spend the day showing his family he loved them.  He took the day off & spend the day with Holly & Lucy (his wife & infant daughter).  He wrote in his journal that it was the best day of his life.  That night Holly woke up to find Isaiah blue & not breathing.  She ran to the neighbors for help and they helped her get him to the hospital.  He had no brain waves & they found out his chances of ever recovering were nil.  He had had an aneurysm in his sleep.  We went to his funeral & couldn't stop crying.  Holly is such a sweet woman & I cant imagine what she's going through.  She & her daughter will constantly be in our prayers."

(and they have been)

"Thursday, Nov. 18, 2010
Well at about 4 AM I was counting contractions at about 4 min. apart.  I woke Jared up to let him know that nothing was working to slow down the contractions.  He, in a sleep state (He really doesn't remember any of it) asked if i'd done summer-saults & then fell back asleep.  so i tried to get some sleep as well.  At 5 AM i woke up to a sharp pain & a small trickle which I didn't think was anything.  Contractions were about 2-3 min. apart & not slowing down so we called Jess (my sister) to come over at about 7:45 AM or so and we drove to the hospital at about 8 AM.  I was able to handle the contractions even though they were painful by concentration on only one at a time... it also helps that this is our 2nd child.  The Dr. said I should be on PIT since my contractions had slowed down.  when they got me into the delivery room every contraction brought Allison's heart rate really low so they monitored me like crazy & sped things up so that she could get the attention she needed.  They put me on oxygen & everything seemed to go really fast.  we counted to 10 & she was out and screaming.  She was born at about 2PM. One of my friends is in a room down the hall with her son who was born at 4PM.  LOL awesome!"

Hope you had a good laugh at the last entry there.  
If I were to write on the first page of my altered Journal it would say...

"Friday, October 27, 2012
I made this... me... I did it."

What would you write? if you have trouble coming up with ideas here is a link to 258 journal entry ideas:

Thanks for stopping by we hope you're enjoying yourself & get a lot of inspiration from all our projects.

Hope you all are enjoying the hop! Your next stop is the very talented Rachelle!

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