Thursday, September 6, 2012

News & happenings

Scrappin' with Chris & Lou is having a birthday Blog Hop!  There are amazing prizes available and wonderful creations happening on Monday, September 10th.  amazingly fun opportunities available!

And on other news:  My Brother and his girlfriend are back in school and so moved into town (Rexburg, Id)!  My family is super excited that they're near us again.  In honor of school and learning I made some really cute cards based off of a few blogs I visit regularly... so many to list; i'll do that in another posting.  And I wanted to share my cards.

the Scissors I bought at Lettering Delights, opened in Silhouette studio in a dxf file and saved to my library. (easy peasy) the paper I printed off from a google search and I punched holes in the side and cut out into the holes to make the paper look like it was torn from a notebook.  I would have just used notebook paper except it's kind of thin and I really wanted this to look cute and professional.  I had the tabbed file folder pocket from the silhouette online store as well as the insert.  the insert says, "You're a CUT above..." and the folder says "...the rest!"  I didn't have a stamp that said that so I just wrote it out. (not the nicest but better than nothing I guess).  and the ribbon I bought at Porters along with the white rhinestones on the scissors.  I used pop dots to pop the scissors up.  The paperclip is from some office supplies I had on hand from my school days (college not H.S.) :)

Also: I've been inspired to crochet and knit again but finding a project I want to do is proving difficult.  I have tons of patterns I think i just need to choose one I want more than any other.  I'd love to see anyone's Yarn projects.

Last night I was inspired to make some wax seals for cards and things and ended up dripping some on my leg and burning the heck out of it.  but the seals turned out okay.  :)  here are some ideas and instructions for those who are interested in this:

Happy crafting.


  1. Thank you for posting sweetie. If you would like for me to give you the step by step instructions on how to post to your side bar, shoot me an e-mail and I will e-mail you back with directions. Can't wait to see you at my Birthday Blog Hop!


  2. Oh sorry, guess it would help if I gave you my e-mail...duh! I am your 8th follower! Whoo hoo!

    1. awesome thanks :D I found a tutorial online and then remembered some stuff about java & HTML from my husband's college classes last semester so I figured it out... took me all day on my own but I did it. :) lol thanks anyway though