Saturday, September 1, 2012

Crafty Creations

This summer has been busy!  We went to my husband's 10 year High School Reunion and met up with lots of friends (I never knew High School could be fun).  We also went to the Lincoln County fair and saw all the animals; spent time with family and enjoyed that little vacation.  Then a couple days later my mom and little sister came to visit for a week and that was lovely.  We spent a day shopping (Thanks Mom) and a day at Yellowstone and even though I had a massive migraine I still enjoyed it.  We started potty training again and have been taking care of colds and other sicknesses.  I've put off school work for long enough though and have to get back to studying my butt off.  wish me luck with my certification finals (i'm training to be a personal trainer).  And i've been crafting up a storm in my free time. I've also entered a few contests and surprisingly I won a cuttlebug! I'm so excited to create on it. I won it from

check them out; there are some very talented people here!

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