Monday, September 3, 2012

Halloween treat boxes and birthday stuff

So i've kept busy the last few days by making these cute little cup cake baskets for my daughter's 4th birthday party.  hopefully some friends show up this year (although, i'm sure she wouldn't be offended if they didn't; she's gotten used to only family being at her birthday parties).

 here is the outside of the birthday invitation I made for Gwenna's party.

and here is the cup cake box I made to go home with the kids afterward.  i'll fill them with fun toys and candies and tie it together with ribbon; so i'll post pictures of the birthday party later for all to see.I love these little treat boxes for Halloween.  I know it's a little early to make these but I couldn't help myself.  I used an Easter egg basket from the silhouette store and un-grouped everything then just deleted the egg cut out from the back of the box, making it whole again, and cut them out of black card stock I bought from Porters Craft & Frame.  Then I cut out the pumpkin, witches hat, and skulls all from various files from the studio store.  (the skull is from an A-2 size card I adored. The witch had and the pumpkin were weakly discount images)  If you didn't know silhouette has discounted and a free image file every week on Tuesdays!

And as part of my ward's Relief Society Activities Committee (I don't know what else to call it... Additional Relief Society Meetings committee, i think) I was asked to make a suggestion box for our upcoming October meeting on parenting.  I cut this from the Valentine box file from the silhouette store from shimmery blue bazil card stock from the same package as the black used earlier and added white overlay pieces cut from DCWV The home spun carstock stack (that I won from the anniversary party of Pink By Design!) They are awesome by the way I highly recommend a stop at their blog and store.

Then I added some Velcro pieces to the front flap so it'll stay closed when needed.  I'm not completely finished with it though as I want to add some embellishments.  I'm not sure what ones though.  Flowers would be nice and neutral so i could use it for more than just this Meeting but I also think it should say "Questions" or "Parenting Questions" or something like that on it.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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