Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Best birthday ever

So for my 26th birthday I thought it would be awesome to have a themed birthday party that would allow me the excuse of crafting fun things. So for my birthday, probably inspired by a recent free kindle book, I thought it'd be fun to do An Alice in Wonderland birthday tea. I invited my brother and his new girlfriend. We had fruit pizza, chicken salad sandwhiches, lemonade because my hubby doesn't like tea in any form, and a double layered lemon cake that said, "Eat Me" on it. My wonderful husband led me to believe he handmade a gift for me, so I was excited about his efforts, and then gave me a handmade card with a clue on it leading me, eventually, to this website: http://www.consoletutorials.net/giftcard/giftcard.html

I passed the tests eventually and got my last clue so headed to the trunk to find a silhouette cameo!

these are my invitations:
  I used the pizza box tutorial that Sarah showed us recently but made it smaller so that it would fit a small candy etc.  then pasted the mad hatter picture on the inside (i found it on a google search along with the white rabbit) tied a bow around it and had instructions and the invite itself inside the box with a chocolate truffle.

So after playing with it since Saturday, after the party etc, I made a bunch of awesome stuff I'd like to share...

this is my link up with Link up Tuesdays; Sarah Hamer Designs, Pink By Design.
I don't have any of their stamps yet but I just had to share these super cute cards as well as some other's I created with my Silhouette Cameo.

 a previous attempt at a flower pot card.  with an embossed butterfly in pink... but that's hard to see.
Very simple flower card, inside says, "thinking of you".
 this was on the silhouette cameo online store as Masculine birthday card.

 this one is one of my favorites... probably because i'm training to be a personal trainer through ISSA (http://www.issaonline.edu/)

  i'll post more as I come up with them. :D

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