Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas pom pom earrings and a table runner

Step 1
1)  needle and thread
2)  red, green, gold or silver mini pom poms
3) 6 brass head pins 2" nickel plated; bend the pin head up to make a ring.
4) wire cutters
5) pliers
6) earrings

Step 1: thread a pom pom onto your thread but leave a long tail to tie a knot with.

Step 2: thread your head pin onto the same yarn and tie a knot twice and trim.  if you like you can add tacky glue or something to keep the knot tied permanently.

Step 2

Step 3
Step 3: line up the pom poms to the height you wish and cut the pins to line up.

Step 4: adding one pin at a time and using your pliers twist the top of the pin into a second loop and secure with flat pliers so that it hangs on the earring

I saw some beautiful earrings like this at Wal-mart but I really didn't want to pay $5.00 for a pair.  these cost me a lot less and they're just as awesome!

I made this holly and poinsettia table runner for a mantle decoration but we don't have a mantle so it's going on a box we're using as a coffee table.  Or in my case a Hot cocoa table!  I got the pattern for the holly leaves from: and the poinsettia pattern from: 

this will be entered into the decorate to celebrate challenge:

Happy Crafting everyone!

p.s. I didn't make any cards this week since I've been focusing on getting Christmas presents made and wrapped.  I'll have some soon


  1. These are both so fabulous!! The table runner is gorgeous and the earrings are so awesome!! I want to make them!! Thanks so much for playing along at Decorate to Celebrate!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts
    Decorate to Celebrate DT

  2. Wow, beautiful projects!!!! Love the pom pom earrings-super cute and a great gift and the table runner is gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for joining in the challenge at DTC!
    Sherrie K
    DTC-Guest Designer

  3. WONDERFUL!! The earrings are SO FUN -- I want to make a pair too!! :) I love your banner -- what a work of love that must have been -- It is absolutely beautiful!! :)

    Thanks so much for decorating your celebrations at the Decorate To Celebrate! Challenge Blog!

    Amy :) at
    and Decorate To Celebrate!

  4. OMG! those earring are so fun and great gifts and the table runner is beautiful! Thank you for joining us over at Decorate to Celebrate!!!

  5. Visiting from the earrings and the table runner is gorgeous!